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Starting your


With a little help from Financial Resources FCU!

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Possibilities abound!

Now is the time to start
building your future.

FRFCU is here to help
you build a solid financial


Credit Cards & Perks

Some credit cards feature great rates while
others might offer generous rewards.

You’ll find cards that come with both at Financial Resources FCU.


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Savings Accounts

A savings account can be your ticket to a better future as well as a cushion against stressful times.
It’s also the key that opens to door to all the other financial services we offer.



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Life Event Loans


Life can be expensive.

So FRFCU has some great loans with competitive rates to help you with a variety of life events.

Moving into a new place? Need new appliances or new furniture? Ditching those glasses for Lasik Surgery?

A Life Event Loans might help!


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Digital Banking Services

24/7 access enables you to access your accounts at any hour.
Pay bills online, make instant in-store purchases by linking your mobile device to your Digital Wallet, and easily transfer money in the blink of an eye.

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Free Checking Accounts

The best things in life are free. This is one of them.
Our free checking account comes with zero fees and access to over 55,000 AllPoint Network ATMs.


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Vehicle Loans

No delays. Our vehicle loan approval process is built for speed. Cars, motorcycles, RVs, boats and more. Put us to the test!


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Financial Education

Lots of helpful information and NO tests!

FRFCU’s partnership with Balance provides you with access to your financial toolkit at no cost. Webinars, live coaching, podcasts, videos, informational articles, worksheets and financial calculators all to help empower your financial decisions every step of the way!

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